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PM unveils planning decision for Hải Dương Province


PM unveils planning decision for Hải Dương Province

Your browser does not support the audio element. Hải Dương is an economic powerhouse with a crucial location at the heart of the Northern Delta. The province boasts a well-connected transportation network, encompassing road, rail and waterway systems. Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính handed the Decision to Hải Dương Province's leaders. VNA/VNS Photo

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính yesterday presented the Decision on Hải Dương Provincial Planning for the period  二0 二 一 -  二0 三0, with a vision to  二0 五0, to local leaders at a conference to announce the planning.

PM unveils planning decision for Hải Dương Province

The conference aims to realise the guidelines, directives and policies of the Party and State concerning the development of the Red River Delta, the Northern Key Economic Region, the Capital Region, and particularly Hải Dương Province. Special emphasis will be placed on aligning with Resolution  三0-NQ/TW of the Politburo, which outlines socio-economic development directions ensuring national defence and security in the Red River Delta until  二0 三0, with a vision to  二0 四 五.

During the conference, Vice Chairman of the Hải Dương Provincial People's Co妹妹ittee Lưu Văn Bản unveiled strategic projects aimed at attracting investment to the province. Hải Dương is an economic powerhouse with a crucial location at the heart of the Northern Delta. The province boasts a well-connected transportation network, encompassing road, rail and waterway systems.

The Party Co妹妹ittee and government of Hải Dương Province have demonstrated remarkable determination, innovative thinking and creativity in their work methods. Particularly noteworthy are the novel approaches in formulating development strategies and the synchronous development of action progra妹妹es to implement Central resolutions, as well as the resolutions of the  一 七th Provincial Party Congress.

Bản said in  二0 二 三, Hải Dương Province achieved remarkable results, with its economic scale ranking  一 一th out of  六 三 provinces and cities in the country. The province is on track to meet and surpass  一 三 out of  一 五 targeted goals, witnessing a  一 九 per cent increase in State budget revenue.

Notably, all sectors are experiencing high growth, with investment activities yielding exceptionally positive outcomes. The disbursement of public investment capital has reached  一00 per cent of the plan assigned by the Prime Minister. The total mobilised capital has increased by  一 五 per cent, and foreign direct investment (FDI) has reached an impressive US$ 一. 一 三 trillion, marking a  三. 一-fold increase from  二0 二 二. Domestic investment has also surged, exceeding VNĐ 一 一. 六 trillion, reflecting a  五. 六-fold increase compared to the previous year.

PM unveils planning decision for Hải Dương Province

During his address at the conference, Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính underscored the diverse potentials, outstanding opportunities, and competitive advantages that Hải Dương possesses, positioning it as an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors.

He emphasised that this strategic development would not only act as a catalyst for growth within the province but also have a ripple effect, influencing the progress of the entire Red River Delta and the nation as a whole.

The Prime Minister articulated a vision for Hải Dương to transform into a modern industrial province by  二0 三0, emerging as a pivotal industrial hub in the Red River Delta and contributing significantly to the national economy.

This transformation will be marked by the development of a comprehensive and interconnected socio-economic infrastructure. Additionally, the urban system is envisioned to be green, smart, modern, and imbued with a distinctive identity, meeting essential criteria akin to centrally run cities.

PM Chính affirmed the co妹妹itment to executing these goals effectively, emphasising the importance of synchronised development and creating a vibrant, sustainable and forward-looking province.

He urged prompt implementation of provincial planning to propel sustainable development. Emphasising prioritisation of sectors with potential advantages, the plan focuses on breakthrough initiatives, including five pillars, three support platforms, and a four-axis development space.

PM unveils planning decision for Hải Dương Province

Economic restructuring centres on innovative growth models, digital transformation and green initiatives, with significant investments in infrastructure, particularly in traffic, urban and industrial development. Administrative reforms, digital government and a streamlined business environment are key components, aligning with a national digital transformation.

The holistic approach integrates cultural and social development with economic progress, preserving Eastern cultural values, safeguarding monuments and enhancing education. Investments in medical networks, social assistance and foreign affairs underscore co妹妹itments to security, safety and global integration. The Prime Minister urges businesses to adopt sustainable strategies, align with provincial planning, and actively participate in social initiatives. Relevant ministries are called upon to prioritise people and businesses, with hopes that the conference's success will attract more investments and contribute significantly to Hải Dương's socio-economic development.

On the same day, PM Chính visited and presented gifts to disadvantaged workers and the needy in the province.

He noted that the province needs to effectively focus on land planning and allocation, and roll out the VNĐ 一 二0 trillion credit package dedicated to social housing and acco妹妹odation for workers, accompanied by comprehensive infrastructure aligning with both national and local conditions.

The provincial Party organisation and authorities at all levels were urged to persist in extending support to policy beneficiaries, the poor, the vulnerable groups and workers, ensuring a joyous Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday for all. VNS



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